Charles Roe Tricentenary – Live Theatre Events May 2015

Charles Roe Tricentenary

Live Theatre Events

Charles Roe House

Charles Roe House


Sundays: 17th, 24th & 31st May 2015

14.00 from the Town Hall.

Performances approximately 1hr. 15mins.

For free booking please contact the Visitor

Information Centre, Town Hall, Macclesfield

Tel No. 01625 378123

                            ROE FOR EVER.

Join the enthusiastic Dilettante in the Market Place, who is intent on visiting Charles Roe’s grand residence on Chestergate.

Anxious to gain entry to the premises, he conveniently places himself in the role of official guide, and takes everyone along Chestergate, entertaining them with his quips.

There you will meet Charles Roe’s widow who recognises the young man and instantly knows that she will be challenged on certain matters.

Having entered the room reserved for meeting visitors, true to form the Dilettante causes mischief whenever possible, and manages to obtain entry into the dining room before everyone is able to ascend to the upper parlour.

Having finally arrived upstairs you will meet Charles Roe’s image which recounts certain memories aided by Rachel, who tries to keep the Dilettante in order. With the tour almost at an end, the Dilettante thinks of an excuse to bring attention to a very distressing episode which took place in the house, and said to be the catalyst for Charles Roe’s death.