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After our substantial grant award from The Heritage Lottery Fund we have completed our Feasibility Study including preliminary plans from Architects Ellis Williams.

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Concept Vision:

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Incubation @ Charles Roe House – Macclesfield


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We want to find out what people think about our vision to create a hub for creative excellence in Charles Roe House in Macclesfield. We want to raise the profile of the arts and increase participation in the arts for all ages.


We will create new exhibition galleries to host art and museum exhibitions, create a recording studio, performance and workshop spaces. We will deliver a programme of exciting events, activities and workshops in music, arts and heritage.


Our project will create a new use for one of the most historic buildings in Macclesfield. Charles Roe House was the home of the founder of the silk industry in Macclesfield – Charles Roe (1715-1781). The project will save the building for public use and celebrate the life and times of this famous industrialist.


A significant aspect of the project will be to create a permanent exhibition dedicate to the influential band Joy Division, of whose members, Ian Curtis and Steve Morris came from Macclesfield. Joy Division later became New Order, formed after the early death of Ian Curtis.


Please let us know what you think about our project, your thoughts will help us make the project a reality.